parco progetto nomade

Parco Nomade Project stems from the experience that VOLUME! has accumulated in the course of its years and aims to rethink the concept of public art by re-launching the peripheral territory of Corviale through the force of art. The park extends within the Riserva Naturale della Tenuta dei Massimi,in the green property of the Emefin society (around 40 hectares).The project is to be installed in various sections, each realized by
artists proposed by the foundation coupled with internationally famed
architects. Each section, or installation, will be nomadic—able to be transported to different spaces, territories, and cities. Other institutions and museums will be able to request temporary loans, enabling new opportunities of exchange and experimentation with foreign and Italian cultural organizations. The operation has been produced in collaboration with the department of cultural policy and communication of the city of Rome, thus, the works undertake a profitable dialogue with a new part of the city and to set the first foundations of a redevelopment of the area. The point
is to create an open and continuous laboratory that, through monthly engagements and educational activities, stimulates the participation of a vast and heterogeneous public and involves the community

The landscape

The landscape architect João Nuez has come up with a scan development of the park in four stages. 
The Parco Nomade project is characterized by its flexibility and low environmental impact; it can enhance the typical Roman landscape as well as the individual works of art that are the outcome of a collaboration between artist and architect.

The Units

Each individual unit, in its systematic manner, multiplication, and conjunction within the space, generates infinite spatial arrangements and realizes relationships that are on occasion different from the environments in which they are placed. The passage changes, but at the same time shows no sign of change; it is a reversible and light installation, strong only in its ideas of space that are continuously proposed to the viewer. The containers on which artists and architects are called to work are open on each side and simply placed on the ground. They are basic elements, 2,80
meters tall and 2,40 meters wide, with variable lengths able to accommodate anywhere from six to 12 meters according to various needs. They are thus the most flexible possible structures, pliable and able to be modeled.

Where is Parco Nomade?

Riserva Naturale “Tenuta dei Massimi” presso il Casale Pisano.